Is HTML5 really practical?

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Sat Aug 31 05:01:45 EDT 2019

The HTML5 deployment has its own problems. The biggest problem is
that people use it for free and are not willing to buy (at least
for a short period) the HTML5 license in order to support further
LC development in that field (but then moan about missing features).

So, also from that reason, HTML5 deployment is still very uncomplete.

Let me answer a few statements from the last posts of this thread.

> we can't do things as simple as put field "MyFld" into aVar

This worked from the first steps of HTML5 deployment. In 9.5.0 make
a new stack with a button and a field and hit button "TEST" from
the LC toolbar.

> even if the dictionary doesn't always tell us what HTML5 can do

With a few exceptions, not that nor what it can't do.

That's why I wrote TestInStandalone. You can there wrote/paste
scripts and look whether 9.5.0-HTML5 can do that (in modern
browsers: latest Safari, Firefox, Chrome. IE/Edge was never

On the other hand, when using javascript and native HTML5 objects
you can do things in a LC HTML5 standalone, that LC can't do.
This example has, LC and JS all together, less than 300 lines of

> ... read that if a webpage is not loaded within 3 seconds, 53% of
> visitors will skip it. LC's HTML5 is way too slow. It is stated
> that the engine needs downloading only once but it happens every
> time. It looks like more than 10 sec.

With Safari on a Mac min (2.5 GHz) and a 100 MBit connection I have
the following times with 9.5.0 standalones:

The first time any 9.5.0 standalone loads this needs 5-9 seconds.
The next time any 9.5.0 standalone loads I have it in < 3 seconds.

More than 10 seconds happens only to me when I have three browsers
open, two versions of Livecode open, a local server (MAMP) is
running and VLC is streaming music.

Of course you have to prepare the server for speed, especially such
that each standalone points to the same <engine>.js (and the browser
can see that this is the same file and take it from it's cache).

So it is "you make it [reload engine] happen every time" rather than
"it happens every time".

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