Troubleshooting the IDE

Brian Snipes brian at
Thu Aug 29 18:16:11 EDT 2019

Can anyone point me to resources for debugging the IDE code itself? 
There is an issue with LC on the Plasma desktop on Linux where the tool 
pallete just disappears making it darned hard to use the tools. I've 
asked in the forum about it before but there isn't an answer that solves 
the issue. I opened a bug report ( ) but it was closed 
since I am not running Ubuntu. I am going to try it on Ubuntu with 
Plasma installed (my default is Arch but it happens on other distros 
such as openSuse) but I don't have hopes that the issue won't be closed 
again since the Ubuntu default DE in the old 16.04 support distro is 
Unity and if I install Plasma from the package manager it probably won't 
be considered 'supported'. If you look at the video attachment to my bug 
report, you will see the issue in Plasma. I have never come across this 
issue in any other application in Plasma.


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