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Tue Aug 27 19:36:48 EDT 2019

I mean the hardware backKey that can be trapped with a backKey handler 
normally, but the browser widget takes it over. I don't mind if the user 
wants to backtrack through the links they've visited, but when they get 
to their entry point bad things happen; I can't remember exactly what 
went wrong (it was a couple of days ago,) but either it was a crash or a 
badly drawn card. So my idea was to only use the backKey to navigate 
cards and disallow backtracking in the browser. But I can't trap for it 

On 8/27/19 5:23 PM, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> (Assuming you don't mean the backKey that leaves your app.)
> This is eventually not possible from security reasons.
> There are brute force javascript approaches that probably will
> break as soon as libbrowser changes and have side effects.
> Using "on browserNavigateBegin" will lead to an infinite loop
> as soon as you load images or any tiny other thing from server
> pathes outside your public_html.
> What you can do is not to use a URL but to set the htmltext.
> Then there is no history and the browser back doesn't work.
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