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When I run into this problem I use the routine below to enumerate all the
fonts and their styles.
If you have both a "Plain" and "Bold" style for a font then you use the font
name and set its style to "Bold"
If you use a "bold" base font then its "plain" style IS the bold font and
setting its style to "Bold" will do nothing.

function FontInfo
   local fnames,fstyles,tlist
   put the fontnames into fnames
   sort fnames
   repeat for each line tfnt in fnames
      put "*"&tfnt&cr after tlist
      put the fontstyles(tfnt,0) into  fstyles
      repeat for each line tsty in fstyles
         put space & tsty & cr after tlist
      end repeat
   end repeat
   delete char -1 in tlist
   return tlist
end FontInfo

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I am able to get a custom font installed and running on a Android device.
But, how do you handle the font family?   Included in my app is
"myfont-Regular.ttf" and "myfont-bold.ttf".   When the app launches, I call:

set the textFont of stack "main" to "myfont" 

It's only using the bold version (probably because it's first
alphabetically).  Is there a way to map a font to a style so that text is "
myfont-Regular" and bold text is "myfont-bold"?

Thanks in advance,


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