high resolution when printing to pdf, either from images or pdf widgets

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 17:24:57 EDT 2019

I’ve seen references, even in the bug report, to “directly” printing to pdf from a widget.

My experience has been that it still reduces the pdf to screen resolution.   

I still insist they the fact that the engine *renders* the pdf, rather than including it, is a hard-core bug.  I attached an example of including parts of a pdf into another.

In the meantime, though, has anyone actually managed to get hi-res output of either a pdf, jpg, or png into an outputted pdf?

The only way I’m seeing at the moment would be a bizarre process in which the stack is duplicated at 400%, and a script looping through to expand and replace every field, reposition and change the text size, etc., and then open the 33”x44” file in preview (or whatever) and export from there as 8.5”x1” . . . 

This will yield crummy results, though, as livecode’s posting of text and use of margins in fields is nonlinear (to put it charitably!)

*IF* I could export to pdf at object density, I’d temporarily use png extracted from the pdf with an external program.

Another potential solution would be to export without the pdf and build a script to an external unix utility that could print a page of source pdf and my output to a third file.

And if I could fully figure out the pdf file structure, I could expand my example file to write a custom pdf merging the field output with other pdfs . . 

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