hh hh at hyperhh.de
Tue Aug 13 12:18:20 EDT 2019

QR-Reader runs with any edition of LC 8/9 (tested with 9.5/9.0.4/8.1.10)
on every platform that supports the browser widget.

It is a QR code *reader* which reads from static images that may be
slightly rotated/skewed/distorted.

You can make it to a QR code *scanner* by providing webCam/mobileCam
camera snapshots to read from. Usually images from cameras that can't
autofocus or focus manually are not good enough for that.

We use the excellent JS library jsQR 
( https://github.com/cozmo/jsQR ) and are by that Apache2-licensed.

Download QR-Reader from "Sample Stacks" of the LC toolbar or

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