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Mon Aug 5 13:49:20 EDT 2019

I really do not like the use-list. It is difficult to format one's answers.

Here is a handler that places a few pieces of data into two variables. These
would be the two isolated lists of children derived from the parents as
described earlier. There is one difference between the two lists, the child

on mouseUp
   put "aaa" & return & "bbb" & return & "ccc" into tNew
   put "aaa" & return & "xxx" & return & "ccc" into tOld
   put tOld & return & tnew into tAll
   repeat with y = 1 to the number of lines of tAll
      put line y of tAll into myArray[ line y of tAll]
   end repeat
end mouseUp

Straightforward array stuff. The final list has four children, "xxx" being
added to the mix, as can be seen in the debugger at the breakpoint.


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