Making "read from file" less blocky.

Tom Glod tom at
Sat Aug 3 20:56:47 EDT 2019

Hey folks,

I'm having trouble finding a combination of settings that allows my file
loading  to seem to happen in the background.

  repeat while read_result is not "eof"
         read from file ThisFile for (1024 * 1000) bytes
         put the result into read_result
         put it after IntoThisVariable
         add length(it) to amount_read
         TSTProgress amount_read,ExpectedSize,"%","Loading File ..."
(Progress Indicator Handler)
         wait 10 milliseconds with messages
      end repeat

no matter what I try, its still sluggish, and it seems like messages are
still accumilating instead of being processed by the engine.

Am I missing something?  Normally waiting with messages sufficiently frees
the engine to allow the UI to remain responsive.



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