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Tue Aug 27 04:49:46 EDT 2019

technology, but people. People come, people go. In making a strategic
commitment, what platform assures ready support in the marketplace? If I
need a new hire, will I have at least a dozen Revolution pros to pick from
in my local market? The herd instinct: go with safety in numbers - and with
a technology platform the market has already validated.

Is Revolution suitable for enterprise-level applications? I hope so.
Otherwise, no point name dropping Oracle, ODBC, mySQL backends... Commercial
applications?... Front End tasks feeding other enterprise-class solutions...

The one thing I don't see too much potential for in the future is custom
coded single-user free standing applications. Not to say it won't happen,
just that it won't be a viable business model for programmers who hope to
build equity.

If you were bidding on a programming job, would disclosure of Revolution
technology help or hurt your case? Would competing programmers snipe your
choice? Can you make a solid business case for Revolution? I'm not talking
about in your own mind, but enough to overcome doubt in the mind of a
buyer/decision maker unfamiliar with the technology, or the fact that it is
unproven. Can your recommendations be validated once your presentation is
over, when the prospective client picks up the phone and asks a dozen local
knowledgeable experts?

Hypercard enthusiasm and emotional attachment don't go far in the business
world today, usually no further than the immediate circle of a single
personality. If you doubt this, please contact a business broker and seek to
sell any Hypercard-based software development company. Ask what price it
might bring, should the owner care to cash out.

Let's all hope that the "Made With Revolution" page soon contains major,
highly credible enterprise-class solutions. Enthusiasm I one thing,
credibility another.

Let's not be emotional or delusional about the challenges that lie ahead. It
is great that Revolution 2.0 has shipped, and it will be great to get some
quality documentation and third-party books. But as my favorite Confucius
saying goes, "He who climbs the mountain sees the next mountain."

Danny Grizzle

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