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Tue Aug 27 04:49:46 EDT 2019

altThumbViewer control is a group used to scroll through a folder of images.
This demo stack will prompt you for a folder, then display the first image
scaled properly in the folder in the group below. The user can use the
scrollbar to scroll through all the images in the folder. There are custom
properties for filtering images, accessing the path of the visible image and
resizing and repositioning the control. You can cut and paste this group
into your stack. Read the docs.

This control works on Windows, should work on Linux. It will work on Macs
ONLY when accessing files with .gif,.png,.jpg,.jpeg file extensions. If
someones decides to modify so that it views all Mac image TYPEs, let me know
and I'll repost it. It shouldn't be difficult, I just don't have time to
code and test for Mac.


Chipp Walters
Altuit, inc.

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