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Tue Aug 27 04:49:46 EDT 2019

so I need to write my own adress in the left top corner of the 
letter, the date, the adress of my correspondent int the window of 
the envelope, the text must be formatted.
So I play with some variables but :

how can I draw up my letter with a specific page setUp to print on the printer.

For example : my own adress must come at 2 cm (I don't meet in 
inches!) of the top of the paper and at 3 cm of the left margin of 
the paper and centered align on a length of 7 cm, and so onŠ
Some words or lines in plain, some in bold, some in plainŠ

Any idea ?

Earlier I used "printreport" XCMD with Hypercard. How can I transpose 
it in Revolution ?



Email : yvescoppe at

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