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Thank you for the reply.  This version fixed the issue on several of our devices.   However, my client is saying it’s failing on his Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 9.  I have verified that he has the updated build (made with LC 9.0.4 rc 2) installed on his device.   He says he has made no software or hardware modifications to the device but is still having the same issue.  Perhaps there is a different issue with camera access with this device?


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Hello Dan,

This sounds like, affecting only specific Android devices, and has been fixed in LC 9.0.4 RC-1+

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Greetings!    I am calling mobilePickPhoto "camera" on a Android device.   If I am running Android version 7.0, everything works great.   If I am running Android 8.0, then I get an empty back where length(image 1) is 0.   Using LiveCode 9.0.3.   Anyone know of an issue with mobilePickPhoto on late versions of Android.   FWIW, mobilePickPhoto "library" works fine on all versions of Android.

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