Can LC Server code export images of cards and objects

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Apr 29 18:04:14 EDT 2019

That would be 100% of LC's bitmap quality. Screen shots aren't vector.

Do what you like, but if it were me I'd spend two minutes seeing if I 
can get vector-based PDF output with LC's external.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Tom Glod wrote:
> It will only be running on a linux server so I can convert the image into
> what i want with command line tools at 100% quality ......(assuming so)
> On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 5:18 PM Tom Glod <tom at> wrote:
>> Thanks for that tip I'll keep it in mind for now and in the future.
>> In this case, there is no need for searchable text .... its a visual birth
>> plan wizard for pregnant women with 1 page output.
>> On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 2:54 PM Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
>> use-livecode at> wrote:
>>> Tom Glod wrote:
>>>  > I can convert image to PDF using other means as long as I have the
>>>  > image.
>>> Probably worth a few minutes to test LC's PDF generation from the LC
>>> Server engine for Linux (or whatever your target hosting OS is).
>>> Snapshots are bitmaps, without vector information.  PDFs can be done
>>> that way, but lose quality in printing, can't be searched, etc.
>>> Using the LC's Print-to-PDF external translates LC's object vectors to
>>> PDF vectors, making as much as possible resolution-independent.  This
>>> not only improves printing quality, but also zooming, and usually
>>> results in a much smaller file for shorter download times.

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