Bug drawing card in LC9

Neville Smythe neville.smythe at optusnet.com.au
Fri Apr 26 21:20:55 EDT 2019

In LC 9.0.1 and later, a card in a stack is incorrectly drawn under the following circumstances:
.  the stack has a menubar set as the stack menu, and the stack is running on a Mac
.  the user is on card A and moves to card B

The bottom part of card B (the height of the Mac menubar) is not redrawn, it still shows that part of card A. This bug occurs in the IDE and standalone. 

This is most easily seen if card A and card B have different background colours;  an example is at  bug 22027 <https://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=22027> — Panos has confirmed the bug.

If you resize the stack, card B is correctly displayed; or in edit mode if you drag the mouse in the bottom band, parts of card B appear under the mouse. Evidently the cliprect or invalRect used for refreshing the screen after 'Go to card x' is set incorrectly. On Windows or Linux, where the stack is not scrolled to hide the menubar, the card is drawn correctly.

Strange that this doesn’t seem to have been reported before; I suppose like me people don’t usually use this lower margin of a card or perhaps only for a shared background navigation bar, and use the same background colour for all cards in a stack.

A workaround until the bug is fixed would be to force a redraw in an openCard handler -- though now I come to think of it how does one do that? I can’t find a redraw or invalidateRect command…

Neville Smythe

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