LC904rc2 Project Browser error?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri Apr 26 13:17:19 EDT 2019

Not to slight to any 3rd party tools, but I personalty would rather 
identify bugs in LiveCode and report them to the LiveCode Quality 
Center. My experience has been that a bug, properly reported, with a 
repeatable recipe and test stack is fixed pretty rapidly these days.

One of the first steps though is to determine whether the issue is 
repeatable - can other people on other computer reproduce the observed 
issue - which is why I was asking if anyone else has seen or can 
reproduce this issue I observed.

I am not sure from your reply whether that means you can also see this 
specific issue (not relayering groups by drag and drop in the IDE 
project browser) in LC9.0.4rc2.

On 4/26/2019 12:26 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode wrote:
> It may be "many moons" before they fix the PB.
> I hardly use any more.
> Get Geoff's Navigator!
> BR
> Paul Dupuis wrote:
>      I find that in the project browser under LC904rc2 (Windows 10), I can
>      not relayer groups. Button, fields, etc, all relayer fine by drag and
>      drop within the hierarchical list of the project browser, but not groups.
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