"do as 'LiveCode Server'"?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Apr 22 14:05:12 EDT 2019

Over the years I've had many occasions where I would have loved to have 
something like bash's heredoc, a way of putting a block of text within 
code but without the encumbrance of concatenation, as requested here:


Another option is to turn the problem inside-out, in which we have a 
block of text in which we can sprinkle LiveCode commands.

Superficially, we have this now with the merge function.

But the merge function has many limitations, such as no means of using 
conditionals or loops with text blocks between those elements.


LiveCode Server has no such limitation.

You can write:

<? if tVar = 1 then ?>
    Here's some text
<? else ?>
    Here's some other text
<?end if ?>

It would be ideal to have the merge function outfitted with this sort of 
logic handling, but there may be backwards-compatibility issues I'm not 
thinking of.

So maybe at a minimum we could have some other means of using LC 
Server's powerful ability to mix text and code together, with something 

   do tVarContainingLCServerCompatibleText as "LiveCode Server"


  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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