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Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > And as always my disclaimer for NextCloud: Once you begin syncing your
 > local files to a NextCloud server, the server BECOMES THE MASTER!
 > Unsyncing a particular subfolder in the future has the particularly
 > henious effect of DELETING YOUR LOCAL FOLDER! Turning sync back on for
 > that folder will restore it (assuming you have not burned the
 > NextCloud device in a holy ritual as the invention of hellish forces
 > beyond your control, before doing so.)

Recent versions provide more explicit guidance on that:

While it's true with Nextcloud, it's really a generic challenge any 
folder sync program will face if they provide folder-level control over 
what gets synced.  The discussion linked to above explores that in detail.

Some folder sharing services shrug their shoulders on this by just not 
allowing you any control over sub-folders at all. You're required to 
share one folder, and everything within it is always synced, and you 
can't choose to do anything else -- no one can be confused by a feature 
that doesn't exist. :)

Nextcloud is among the few offering fine-grained control over which 
folders get synced and which ones don't.

But as with the rest of life, with great power comes great 
responsibility.  Helpful to read the manual on things involving deletes 
before committing.  And for busy people recent versions provide guidance 
on that when the checkbox is unchecked, so you don't even need to RTFM.

And with any backup metyhods -- Nextcloud, commercial cloud services, 
Time Machine, local rsync to a portable drive, any of them -- never rely 
on just one.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and ideally you 
want your data not only redundantly backed up, but backed up using 
systems of different *types*.

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