LC Server permissions

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Apr 13 14:54:02 EDT 2019

Rick Harrison wrote:
 > I am running Postgresql to handle the incoming data.  I have a user
 > and a password set up for that.

I don't understand. Your original post was:

  > I have a file I need to upload to my LC server
  > using the $_Files[uploadedfile][error] method
  > that requires the correct permissions to be
  > able to move and rename the file using:
  > put URL ("binfile:" & tFilePath) into URL ("binfile:" & tNewFilePath)
  > I get "can't open file (13)” which is a permissions error.

Are you writing a file to disk, or submitting a DB transaction?  Do you 
have postGres handling your HTTP, with nothing in the middle (PHP, 
Python, LC, etc)?

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