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> If it must be done in the most expensive of options, in C++ within the
> engine, we can either continue to not have it while we wait for the
> engine team to build it, or spend considerable money hiring competent
> C++ professionals from the community to submit a series of pull requests
> for it.
> But this is LiveCode.  There are nearly always multiple ways to solve
> anything.
> The DataGrid would have been prohibitively expensive to attempt to
> implement in C++, which is why the flexibility it provides is nearly
> unnmatched among any other tool I've ever seen.
> And so it can be with something very akin to Viewers.
> We can build it.  Today.  We can have it.  We can enjoy it. Now.
> But someone needs to write it.

After reading parts of this discussion I decided to upload some work I've
done in this area to a Github repo and put together a basic README. I refer
to the concept as Embeddable Views. Each embeddable view is a separate
stack with a single card. An instance of an embeddable view is a group with
`selectGroupedControls` set to false and `clipsToRect` set to true. When
you edit and save the card then all instances of the embeddable view are

I've been using the code in a Levure helper as most of the logic revolves
around making sure that every time you edit the embeddable view that all
instances are updated. The Levure application structure makes this very
easy to manage. Here is the url in case anyone is interested in checking
out the code:

I will also mention that the Baker's Assistant plugin provides a UI for
previewing embeddable views and inserting them into a stack.

Trevor DeVore

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