Saving a tab formatted field to a file and retaining its formatting

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Apr 10 18:20:48 EDT 2019

Robert J. Earp wrote:

 > Many thanks Paul and to Ron Metzker who kindly contacted me off-list
 > with a comprehensive handler of what he does using revPrintField.
 > I must admit that the Dictionary still leaves a lot to be desired and
 > without the valued members of this and other lists LC would not be so
 > successful ;-)

I find communities invaluable for everything I learn.

What could we do with the Dictionary to make it more useful in this case?

 > We will need a cross platform (OS X / Windows) solution for our
 > project and although things seem to work great to both print and
 > save a .pdf using revPrintField, I’m not sure if Windows supports
 > a print to .pdf feature.

The Dictionary describes the PDF print option as being available on 
macOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS.  I've used it on everything but iOS - 
works like a champ.

 > As with Ron, I too am OS X based so I can’t check it

A $80 copy of Windows and this fine VM will change your life:

Free, open source, fast, simple and flexible: best VM I've ever used 
(thanks to Mark Wieder for getting me to try it).

You'll be able to share folders with the PC instance, as well as 
Clipboard contents, networking, and more.  Sometimes installing on metal 
is necessary, but for most day-to-day stuff a good VM inside the OS of 
your choice is a developer's workflow dream come true.

 > but I’m led to believe that Windows 10 supports such, but does anybody
 > know if previous versions of Windows does ?

It's not dependent on OS PDF drivers, so it should work on any supported 
Windows version.

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