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Wed Apr 10 18:10:58 EDT 2019

Dalton Calford wrote:

 > In other programming languages/environments that I have used, there is
 > a normally a panel object.
 > In livecode terms, it would act like a stack that is embedded inside
 > another stack as a widget.
 > With Delphi, it is a panel (tabbed; normal or repeating) while in
 > MSAccess it is a form (repeating or not).
 > My question is, does such a thing exist in livecode?

LC has groups, which can contain any number of objects, and when nested 
can even work like having multiple cards within them.  They can be 
shared across any card within a stack, but not across stacks*.

Nice for some things, but if you want a true stack object within another 
stack you may have to wait a while: this enhancement request is now 14 
years old, for what Gain Momentum introduced to the xTalk world as 
"Viewers"; while the LC team has shown interest in it, other priorities 
have displaced its implementation:

So for the foreseeable future, we have groups, sharable within a stack, 
and clonable anywhere, even into other stacks.  Using that as a 
foundation, we may be able to write a handler or two to give you a very 
Viewer-like experience, if you can share more about the particulars of 
how you'll be using them.

* Many years ago I experimented to find that you could display a group 
in another stack, but that was never intended and crashed hard as soon 
as you interacted with it.  Turns out showing groups across stacks was 
technically a bug, long since fixed. #HistoricalTrivia

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