Re: Upcoming MacOS 14.5 with software “notarization” requirements

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Apr 10 07:14:01 EDT 2019

 From the first link to the Apple developer site:


Beginning in macOS 10.14.5, all new or updated kernel extensions and all 
software from developers new to distributing with Developer ID must be 
notarized in order to run. In a future version of macOS, notarization 
will be required by default for all software."

It seems that this is the next step in the inevitable move by Apple to 
require all macOS applications to be sold through the Apple Store where 
they will take their desired 30% cut from your revenue. Notarization is 
the step that say all apps must go through Apple (automated) review. It 
is being sold under the guise of "security" and "trust", after all, who 
can argue with those. Notarized apps can still be sold and distributed 
as you like, but the next step after that (with OSX 10.15 or later) will 
surely be the move to unify OSX apps under sole Apple distributorship 
like iOS apps.

Oh Joy!

On 4/9/2019 10:27 PM, Tariel Gogoberidze via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi
> It seems that as of  MacOS 14.5 all new and updated apps  would not run without been “notarized” by Apple.
> <>
> <>
> Anybody on the list who “notarized” their Mac OS app or who knows what it takes  ?
> regards
> Tariel
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