Browser selections

JJS jjs at
Mon Apr 8 13:22:14 EDT 2019

you can use this:


i use this now for an api which redirects to a php file which echoes a 
line of text (as normally it would use the URL scheme, but this does not 
work with the widget)

this way i could use the  browser widget and stay in the app(mobile) 
instead of using a external browser and retunring to the app afterwards 
which is an ugly thing and leaves the url open in an extenal browser.

if the text in the browser is my text then it moves on(and i'm checking 
like 10 times)

It works great!

Op 7-4-2019 om 21:34 schreef J. Landman Gay via use-livecode:
> Is there a way to get/set selected text in a browser widget? I 
> couldn't find anything.

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