Saving a tab formatted field to a file and retaining its formatting

Mark Waddingham mark at
Mon Apr 8 12:39:13 EDT 2019

On 2019-04-08 18:27, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> No tabstops using the styledText property either. This is the one I 
> would
> have expected to include the tab stops/widths.

Both styledText and htmlText representations do include the tabStops 
(and tabAlign) settings - however both those formats (by default) only 
encode the field content (e.g. paragraph styles, character styles and 

If you want the properties inherited into the field content (i.e. from 
all ancestor objects, including the field itself) then you can use the 
'effective' adjective.

In contrast, rtfText is always generated as if 'effective' is specified 
(as you can't encode the notion of inheritance of property values in 
RTF) - however, as has been noticed, it does not support the tabStops 
nor tabAlign properties).

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