Hit Box for widgets

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Tue Apr 2 08:52:25 EDT 2019

Yes,  that works, but "It's genius"   I'm not sure. 

Not being able change color, which is available in LC SVG widgets is a pain. If your theme is "black" and you want "white" SVG, you don’t have control over the color in LC.  You can set color in the svg text source. There are two ways, the only one accepted by LC import control as image is:

<path style="fill: #fff" d="m110.488.... />

But if the eye candy people on the team say "Oh, could you make it *just* a bit darker." 

You are forced to change it in SVG text source, reimport the images and deal with new ID's for the icons of buttons.

Jacque wrote:
    You can now  "import as control" an SVG and treat it like any other image. It's genius.

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