Anchor links in browser widget

hh hh at
Tue Apr 2 01:32:34 EDT 2019

> JLG wrote:
> If you load the htmltext from a file on disk, the URL is set to
> the file path and it will respond to an anchor link sent via script.
> This is probably the most viable solution since I can write the text
> to disk first and then load it.

The browser widget does the following (look at the source code).

If you set the htmltext then its property URL is set to empty,
if you set the URL then its property htmltext is set to empty.

The pseudo-URL "http://libbrowser_dummy_url/" is set by libbrowser.
And it works here on desktop Mac for reaching anchors by that.
So the wrong behaviour may be special to mobile.

Moreover anchor-syntax like <a name="123">Chapter 123</a>
isn't supported in HTML5. Use instead the id attribute (or both):
<a id="123">Chapter 123</a>

> JLG wrote:
> What I need is a slide-out panel with a  tree view widget that
> appears over the html page. It looks like that isn't going to happen.

1. Why not simply move/resize the browser widget instead of layering?
2. Or use HTML5(CSS/JS) for a slide-out menu instead of a tree view widget...

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