Hit Box for widgets

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Mon Apr 1 18:35:46 EDT 2019

On a back arrow widget (SVGFontAwesome), meant to act as a button…

I thought the "toachable" hit box included the context/rect that the widget as placed in. Or so I thought in a previous version of  < 9.0.4 rc2

But now in 9.0.4 RC2, I kept wondering why it did not work. But I got a stylus and even a touch just two pixels away from the widget, even inside the "rect" will not triggered. So here I was thinking…"wow performance is terrible, sometime it works sometimes not."

*    A touch here,                          **                                        *
*    is not "heard"                   **                                              *
*     by the engine             **                                                    *
*                                     **                                                         *
*                                          * *                                                   *
*                                                   * *                                          *
*                                                           * *                                  *

Is there some other way rather creating a group for every widget that is supposed to act as a button?


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