Large files crash on Windows 10

DAVID Epstein dfepstein at
Wed Oct 31 13:26:02 EDT 2018

Does anyone else have problems dealing with large files on Windows 10?  My main LiveCode tool is a stack of about 1.5 MB, and I use it to create, save, and open LiveCode stacks that store text and graphics.  These "content" stacks can be anywhere from a few kilobytes to 50 MB or more.  On an iMac, these all run smoothly.  On Windows 10, my larger content stacks (>10 MB) will sometimes close unexpectedly, or crash LiveCode entirely.  The typical trigger is either executing a save command, or clicking on a list of cards to navigate to a card that contains a large table of text.
Does anyone have relevant experiences or suggested remedies or ways of better diagnosing the problem?

Perhaps relevant is that on the Mac I mostly use LC 5.5, on Windows 10 I am using LC Community 9.0 (dp4).

Many thanks.
David Epstein

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