Hmmm - no compilation error ?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Oct 29 21:00:46 EDT 2018

I accidentally typed the equivalent of

function x p
    return return p
end x

i.e. I had the word "return" in there twice.

And it didn't give me an error on compilation, and also didn't just 
ignore the repeated word, it simply returned a blank line.

Does it seem like this is a bug ?  Is the parser too lenient ?

(LC 9.0.0, and 8.1.5 tested)

Ohhhh - and while testing it out for this email, I tried to type

ask "a" & x(3) & "b"

but instead I did

ask "a"  x(3) & "b"
(i.e. missing an '&')

and that too didn't give an error; it simply ignored the extra part of 
the line. !?



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