Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Fri Oct 19 17:00:51 EDT 2018

Something to remember, everyone, is even if you have no idea what you're
doing, you probably can still help.  Fixing something in docs is a great
way to start.
• There are a bunch of LC-related projects on GitHub.  You can do something
for ANY of them.  Me?  I've  been working on Trevor's Levure framework -
documentation, code, etc.  For me it was just a good excuse to attack some
of the issues in Levure that I've opened over the last year.
• It doesn't matter if the author accepts or rejects your PR.  You're
making a suggestion directly by proposing a change.  Do 5 of those in the
next 11 days.
• One line of code or one tweak to the documentation makes it better and
therefore counts.
• Sure, it's just a lousy t-shirt.  It's also like a month-long hackathon,
and it's a way to get into the groove of finding and fixing, and learn how
the whole open source/github process works.

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