What format is an FDF file?

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Thu Oct 18 19:09:31 EDT 2018

Hi all. 

Just curious, I've been calling an FDF file produced by exporting fillable PDF form data, an XML file. Clearly it is not, I see now. The beginning of one looks soomething like this, and I'm wondering if this is a standard file format, or if it is something proprietary that Adobe came up with:

1 0 obj
<</FDF<</F(IT Install Form.pdf)/Fields[<</T(Signature)/V()>><</Kids[<</T(0)/V(RADF Document Feeder)>><</T(1)/V(Toshiba Copier Stand)>><</T(10)/V()>><</T(11)/V()>><</T(2)/V(Console Finisher)>><</T(3)/V(Bridge Kit)>><</T(4)/V(15 Amp Line Filter)>><</T(5)/V()>><</T(6)/V()>><</T(7)/V()>><</T(8)/V()>><</T(9)/V()>>]/T(accessorydescrip)>><</Kids[<</T(0)/V(MR3031)>><</T(1)/V(...

Bob S

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