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Hi, thanks for this ....

Its a cool example of a widget... thanks for sharing your code.

Its interesting....What is the problem this invention solves? is there a
use case for using such a time format?  What did you use it for?

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> BaseClock is a new widget that displays by special "digits" the
> time encoded to a number base in range 2-60.
> Encoded is each of the time items (hours, minutes, seconds).
> For base 2 this is known as "Binary encoded decimals".
> The display is unique (I invented that) as it doesn't use
> characters for digits  > 9 but decimal "columns". This is very
> easy to read and (manually) to write.
> Download the widget from "Sample Stacks" or from
> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/911
> The sample stack contains an installer and displays 17 clocks
> to different number bases. One display cycle for a seconds display
> is done by each widget in < 3 millisecs (compute and paint).
> This stack shows an essential improvement of LCB 9 over LCB 8:
> The clocks are much more "in sync" than in LC 8.
> And it has a substack that is prepared for displaying a baseClock
> "window shaped".
> There are 16 options for the display, see the dictionary or open
> the property inspector.
> Note.
> Some properties of the widget are triggered by the timer, which is
> (as all timers) stopped in the property inspector. So you may see
> the changes not before going back to browse mode.
> The widget is free for non-commercial use and has the source code
> included. For commercial use please give a (small) fee to the LC
> developer help fund.
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