Confirming a thing about IDs

Brian Milby brian at
Thu Oct 11 17:40:38 EDT 2018

> > If a card containing a certain shared group has not been visited, then
> the
> > group must be referenced using background instead of group. For this
> > reason, I use “bkgnd” to identify any shared group.
> Not sure what you mean by this? I created a stack with a background/group
> id 1011. The group is placed on card 4 of the stack. Restart LC and re-open
> the stack, and this puts true:
> put there is a group id 1011 of stack "untitled 1"
> No card containing the group had been visited. This is on a Mac, LC 8.x
> gc
I did not phrase that well (and had the details wrong).  What actually
happens is that the returned long ID of objects in shared groups changes
depending on whether a card containing that group has been visited.  If a
card has been visited, then "group id x of card id y" is returned.  If not,
then "bkgnd id x" is returned.  Probably not an issue for most, but if
looking to generate long IDs that are always the same for a given object
then it is.

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