Open Driver on multi platform - show stopper

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Hi ,

Not wishing to write externals I need Livecode to deploy on different platforms with ease , for the most part it does this very well.  But there is a serious weakness and have projects screaming for a solution for Android and MacOS  , This being serial communication (VCP) via USB and Bluetooth support using open driver etc.

USB / BT / Serial communication using LiveCode works perfectly on Windows but fails on MacOS and not available for Android.

Hardware with USB / Bluetooth serial communication is commonly available for use on Windows , MacOS and Android but I cannot use Livecode for all 3.
This is a show stopper until resolved.

Fully understand that this is not an option for IOS as it requires apple certified hardware.

Best Regards

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Hi ,

Livecode 9.0.1
MacOS High Sierra

Open driver hangs on MacOS , tried Sarah's SerialTest stack which hangs also.
Item 3 of the drivernames is correct but when open driver or file is attempted it hangs. Bug ?

Regards Camm
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