mergLA for Mac

andrew at andrew at
Wed Oct 3 08:05:59 EDT 2018

I created an admin backend app for a client so they can manage data  
for their frontend app. This backend, based off client request, is  
running on macOS/Windows/iOS. The desktop versions use a password for  
authenticating access but the iOS deployment uses Touch/Face ID for  
authentication via Monte's extremely easy to use mergLA external.

Recently this client upgraded their laptop to a MacBook Pro that also  
supports Touch ID and asked if the same fingerprint technology could  
be implemented in the macOS build. I was blissfully unaware that this  
feature even existed on that platform, but apparently has been  
available since the 2016 model year.

I know several of the other merg externals utilize the same/similar  
underlying framework so they work on both macOS and iOS. Is this just  
a matter of recompiling the external or is there a deeper change that  
would need to be made to unlock this?

--Andrew Bell

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