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Hmmm I hesitated to reply earlier, just in case there are subtleties I 
might get wrong and mislead you - but here goes.

include / require are essentially ways to include the text of the 
included file. Include will do that - and do it every time you use it ....

so you could have a trivial nonsensical example like ...   - a file which will dump out a bunch of variable info ...

> <? rev
> put "Data is:" && gVar1 && gVar2 && gArray[temp]
and use it as

doSomeHandler gVar1, 17
-- and check what the current status is now
include ""
-- and check again
include ""

note that you can now change the file to do any other logging you might 
want, and each occurrence will be changed.

NB - I have never used 'include' except in a few places where I should 
have used require :-)
And I've never wanted to use it as I just described :-) :-)

require is similar, but the file contents will only be inserted the 
*first* time; so it's useful to include the source of library-like 
functions. And you don't need to worry if you do this in multiple 
places. I used to use this a lot.

Note that include and require are both specific to LC server. I 
basically no longer use them, now that we have script-only stacks. I now 
develop 99% of all LC server functionality as script-only stacks, 
testing in either the IDE or via LCServer as needed. And for this, you 
use "start using" just like in the IDE world.

-- Alex.

P.S. Note - there are (I think) strange subtleties in using globals 
and/or script locals in include'd / require'd files - very confusing, 
and I suspect it's a bug - but  couldn't quite come up with a reliable 
mental model or example; that was when I just converted to script-only 
library stacks.

On 30/11/2018 16:26, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> Ahh... I see that the revIgniter library is the way to go for my number 2
> question and I am immersed in the docs. But I'm still wondering about my
> question # 1 (differences between "Include", "Require" and "Start using")
> I've been using LiveCode Server for a few years now with great success as
> various web services from LCS. I started this when I was a relative newbie.
> I access my library stacks via "Start using".
> 1) Can anyone shed some light on the subtle differences between "Include",
> "Require" and "Start using"? The docs are not clear to me.
> I'm starting a new project using interactive web pages. I have an in house
> web designer that I need to show how to call LC server scripts to populate
> web pages. I would rather use LC Server and MySQL and my on-staff html
> designer rather than sub it all out using and SQL server.
> 2) Are there any examples of how to do this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Ralph DiMola
> IT Director
> Evergreen Information Services
> rdimola at	
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