Troubleshooting revIgniter library functions

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Nov 30 04:32:04 EST 2018

I’m struggling to get my head around revIgniter / MVC concepts and map basic LC desktop concepts to the right places in LCS + revIgniter. (I’m still searching for a 'Rosetta Stone’ to translate between these two worlds!)  

My use case is to share public FAQs from specific pages designated as public in our knowledge base. I have a basic LC desktop prototype that I’m migrating to LCS + revIgniter. The desktop stack includes a single function stack script that logs into the KB server as a proxy ‘public user' and returns an access token string for subsequent page requests. 

To migrate this across to the server environment, I have simply transferred the stack script into a library file, replacing the final 'return “token”’ with put tToken into gData[“doc_token”] I may have misunderstood the revIgniter docs that this is the way to get the data ‘back’ to the controller, rather than use the desktop-style function do & return to a library (or stack) file?

A controller file then attempts to call the above library and open a view file to check that the token is available via [[gData[“doc_token"] ]] 

The controller is opening the view but the token merge field is not shown and adding the generic rigShowError “message” alerts that the library couldn’t be loaded. 

I’d appreciate a steer as I’ve a feeling my approach here is fundamentally wrong for the LCS + revIgniter way of working.

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