LiveCode server with revIgniter - new controller pages get 404 errors?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Tue Nov 27 14:02:05 EST 2018

Can anyone using LC Server with revIgniter share any tips on why new controller pages might throw 404 errors, even if they contains the content from the (working) controller or example from the revIgniter docs…?

My new (as in newbie) setup is sitting on an add-on domain on my on-rev account. The page worked, so I implemented the default .htaccess file to hide the page.

This works as expected - I get the expected view page content whether I navigate to 'https://domain’ or ‘https://domain/’ 

However, I  get 404 errors at 'https://domain/blog’ & ‘https://domain/’ (with or without trailing slash or ‘.lc’ suffix) when working through the doc examples.

It seems to be just the new files that are causing issues but file permissions look OK at 0644 - the same as the working pages.


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