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Sat Nov 10 14:45:47 EST 2018

By the way.

In Mojave i got a a message "you are running a 32bit program" (the 
livecode ide).

Within a certain amount of time it's going to "force"  to use 64bit programs

Op 10-11-2018 om 20:08 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
> Bob Sneidar wrote:
> > People cannot remember commands, especially not terminal commands,
> > with all the arguments and caveats and different ways to put it all
> > together.
> For end-users, the awareness of that principle is very powerful.
> But where are we, here in this discussion?  On a mailing list for 
> programmers using a rich language with 3,000+ tokens to memorize. :)
> Just as LiveCode is the way we build applications, Terminal is the way 
> we manage our systems.
> Locally, you can get away with never automating anything in bash 
> (though why wouldn't a programmer want to take advantage of automation?).
> But for working with servers, bash is the lingua franca of sysadmin, 
> the foundation of efficient work to handle all the essentials and also 
> make systems more robust, secure, and redeployable.
> Besides, most servers have no GUI, so Terminal is your only UI.
> As programmers, we like the expressiveness of text and the opportunity 
> to learn.
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