LC/macOS App Store

Rick Harrison harrison at
Fri Nov 9 11:13:08 EST 2018

Dear LiveCoders,

I am using LiveCode Indy 9.0.1, Xcode 9.3,  and macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra.

I have an old LC 32 bit iOS app that was removed from the App Store
because it was 32 bit.  I was so mad at Apple for screwing me on
it that I stayed away from it for quite a while.

Recently I decided that I would try to update it as a macOS app.
After doing my conversion it was time to get back into creating
profiles etc.

I created a brand new profile for it and added the name mac as a suffix.

I tried to use the OSXPackageMaker by Pi Digital, but it doesn’t find the
new profile I just created.

When I looked in Xcode 9.3 it told me that my brand new profile was Deprecated!

After looking all over the internet the suggestion is to let Xcode automatically manage everything.

Yet our LiveCode environment seems to encourage a manual process.

I have looked at:
Mac AppStore Checklist.txt

Everything is one hot mess now! I don’t know how we can possibly expect anyone new to LiveCode
is going to find their way successfully through the jungle that has been created without adequate 
up-to-date step by step instructions with images.  This somehow needs to become a part of the LC
review and update cycle.

Anyway, should I let Xcode automatically manage my profiles?

Other suggestions?

Whatever happened to the good old days when one could just create a standalone, zip it, and
upload it to some distribution website? Boy do I ever miss the good old days!

Thanks in advance!


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