Android APK sanity check

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed May 30 18:21:38 EDT 2018

I rebuilt an apk with LC 9.0 today and it runs fine on my Pixel (OS 8.1) 
but on my Samsung S5 (OS 6.0.1) it launches to a black screen and 
immediately crashes. An answer dialog in preOpenCard never runs, so I 
don't think the app even fully loads. The same app built a couple of 
months ago with LC 9.0dp11 runs fine on the Samsung.

I thought it might be the change I made to the target version in the 
manifest, but the problem still exists when I put the default manifest 
back in. The minimum app version is set to KitKat (4.4) which should be 

I'm just checking to see if anyone else has had trouble with LC 9.0 on 
older phones.

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