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> If for example you are using LC on Mac which I have used in the past and
> was a pleasure to behold.. it just works!
When I wrote the list of things that were broken I was writing specifically
about Mac. I very rarely code on Windoze. The Mac ‘just works’, true. But
LC on a Mac is ‘just flawed’. And from the catalogue of faults I’ve binge
read from the last couple of weeks posts it seems it’s a cross platform

LC 9 is simply not ready, is still Beta and is an embarrassment. Any new
customer that would come their way would immediately abandon LC based on
frustration and limitation. There seems no sense to it. Did they not
actually test it for real before they released it? I have a feeling they
put far too much trust in their automated tests and don’t do nearly enough
manual real world testing to see how their dev env works. Especially the
script editor for goodness sake, the very heart of the coding environment!

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