Windows 10 and LC9.0

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Sat May 26 12:32:55 EDT 2018

I like to add two more observations for Windows 10 and LC9:

I wrote that before LC9 on a secondary monitor menus tend to move into
Nirvana as they open not at the location of the menu. This is correct with
one exception: The Script Editor's menus are still behaving the old way,
maybe not as drastically, but moving the Script Editor to the left side of
the secondary monitor (my first main monitor is placed on the right side),
menus open outside of the full window's visible rectangle.

Another observation: I got used writing almost all scripts as behavior
scripts, also the stack script is a behavior script. Usually, writing a new
handler will not be recognized by the system when compiling. Too often, but
not always, they fail. Saving several times the script window does not
help. Sometimes it helps to close the Script Editor and to reopen it.
Sometimes it is necessary to quit and then restart LiveCode. Then it
usually always works as expected.

Once a new handler is recognized, it works and also changes will be


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