Windows 10 and LC9.0

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Sat May 26 07:47:31 EDT 2018

Hello all

I do think that it is right to say that everything is broken or not

Also not in Windows 10.

And to survive in such market with such a highly ambitious project such as
LiveCode -- I consider it almost a wonder that LiveCode is still around.
Imagine having to support so many platforms and different interests in
business, games, education, and whatever.

I am also not happy with everything Google is pushing out, or Microsoft, or
Apple, Amazon, or whoever you name, but they have UNLIMITED funding and
thousands of developers. In comparison -- LiveCode is doing very very very

But in one thing I agree fully: CONSOLIDATE first and then go ahead.

If time would be spent to just fix all the pending bugs first (at least 80%
maybe) and  a team would be forced to develop even one BIG-ENOUGH SAMPLE
PROJECT (not just a small little gadget) on ALL platforms (Windows, Apple,
Linux) and FOR all platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Brwoser) using ONE CODE BASE
and touching all the 80% of what a typical application of today's world
would need, all those little things would come to light, and maybe most of
it will be fixed "on the fly" -- while we as users would not be able to do

Maybe such SAMPLE PROJECT could even solve a real word's problem and hit
the markets more than any of the development parts?

What could it be -- this sample project -- speaking for the quality of
LiveCode, using it to really test LiveCode in real life, released to the
world? Multi-language, multi-theme, multi-platform, multi-user, ...
something EVERYBODY will like to have all over the world? Be it a game, the
world's best address book, a tool to make money, helping children in third
world countries, ... I remember when Skype appeared the first time and how
people were just grabbing it. When sold to Microsoft, the developers took
almost 2 billion dollars home.

Michelin 3 stars to restaurants are not given for the process of cooking,
but for the overall outcome.

// NOTE //

I do not want to make the impression that I am qualified to tell Kevin or
anybody here what best to do. I am not. I also do not want to rant.
Everybody here expressing annoyances is doing this out of love for LiveCode
and this community, wishing the best to push forward. A natural process.

Everbody was touched by Sean's unfortunate situation, we all were worried,
but it should then not flip to the other side. We can learn from his
experience and be better prepared when it comes to mission-critical apps,
but never ever things will always land safely and as desired. Mother
Nature, possibly by intention, is imperfect in its very heart in order to
be able to progress. Evolution depends on imperfection. We can only just
strive for the stars. And we are measured for our ability to stand up each
time we fall.

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