Should "put" to the Message Box be affected by lockMessages?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 24 14:28:20 EDT 2018

Thanks for chiming in, Monte.  Done:

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Monte Goulding wrote:
 > Ah… yes please report it if you haven’t yet done so. It should just be
 > a matter of temporarily setting the MClockmessages to False before
 > sending the message in MCB_setmsg then back to the previous state
 > after. We do that elsewhere for things like dispatch. The result will
 > be better than reverting to the old behavior because clearly it was
 > previously possible for the message box to be presented while messages
 > were blocked causing some bugs I’m sure.
 > This would be an easy community contribution for someone that wants to
 > dip their toe in ;-)
 > Cheers
 > Monte
 >> On 24 May 2018, at 9:34 am, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> I like the new Message Box API, but I've noticed that now that it's
 >> message-driven it's no longer immune to the lockMessages.
 >> I have a habit of putting in a simple "put" command here and there
 >> during development for diagnostics, and with the v9 changes "put"
 >> won't bring up the Message Box if the lockMessages is set to true.
 >> Anyone else miss the old behavior?
 >> Has anyone missed it enough to submit a bug report/feature request to
 >> reinstate the traditional behavior?

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