Copying Text from Field In HTML5 app?

hh hh at
Mon May 21 15:05:32 EDT 2018

> John P. wrote:
> I have a little HTML5 project that creates some text data in a
> card field. I would like to let my user copy the text created in
> this field out the HTML5 app so that they can paste it into a
> spreadsheet in order to manipulate it.
> Can this be done using an HTML5 app?

You can not access the system clipboard directly from LC-HTML5.

But you can use javascript (clipboard.js) to do that or simply
write to a DOM-text field (<input type="text") and let the user
copy it from there.

You can script both variants, use clipboard.js or write to a
DOM-field, by LC's "do as javascript".

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