Material Design - any plans to allow more granularity in design?

Tom Glod tom at
Wed May 16 18:08:44 EDT 2018

We use the color pallete from material design goal eventually was
to create a plugin for LC for color selection, but as far as the whole
philosophy...I really doubt that this is on the radar of Livecode the
company.... they probably feel their efforts are better suited on
technologies going into their development platform. I would agree with that.

There is nothing stopping you from using the features of material design in
your application.  you can make your own material design library for your
application.  Good luck.

On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 10:25 AM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via
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> My old familiar rant in this issue.  I now have a "enternal business
> license"   and we use Livecode for so much in-house stuff… and I have spent
> $ non-profit money on every offer Kevin has made in ~1999 when he got the
> company Scott Raney.
> So I have right to rant (ha)
> Livecode is so for behind the curve of UI/UX design.
> It makes going against an HTML5 app a challenge. "But Livecode is clunky,
> in doesn’t scroll nicely, no serious subtle animations - look in it takes
> you 10 minute to get text in a button center (play with margins). Your
> buttons are unresponsive. You can't really develop in Window. You might
> think of using html5 in a browser, but there so little integration of the
> LC message path. Look you cannot ever get a function to respond to JS from
> inside the browser widget! "
> I give you two example:
> The spiritual work on app done in HTML5
> one done in livecode
> Now the HTML5 takes forever to build, but builds small features  that are
> "cool looking" …. but it cannot come close the scope of SivaSiva app.
> I reply: "Yes, but for a major app with all feature we need, it will cost
> me 5 time as much $ in HTML5, take you 5 times a long to finish it an X
> number of feature you will tell me "can't be done html5"  But to get Korana
> design in InVision (a designer has done all the layout colors etc. ui is
> all done) I could gift that widget on Jacqueline she would finish in in
> three-five days."
> Reply I get: "We, we don't care how much is costs. Mobile app are too far
> ahead of lLvecode, we want to ship a good product, the platform is great
> for desktop apps but never mobile."
> It appears no one really (I know is not true) really tests LC on mobile,
> especially Android, or Windows, and complains about UI/UX building or
> responsiveness internally to the team.
> If LC would just STOP building new "enterprise features" and "cloud
> connect stuff"  and spend six months working solely on UI/UX issue… it
> would bring the platform in the 21st century.
> BR
>     Over 80% of my work in LiveCode is dedicated to user interface design.
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