[BUG] Browser widget implemented without access to localStorage API

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Tue May 15 21:48:00 EDT 2018

Andre was working on an HTML% module that is in big app SivaSiva.

He pushed to our Git account, and you can check out from here.

He was working in LC9.  And I wonder if he got the bug I did today (again) I had stopped using 9, but I needed to debug on my phone.

So: you save all your scripts, built a standalone, you find something, go back in fix it on desktop /  IDE, save the script again and run the standalone. 

Wait! What??  There old scripts running again? Even though you changed them!

I would not have seen this. But I checked UI message to user "Enter search: title, subtitle…" 
  but it was too long. I fixed the script to say 

"Search: Title, Subtitle…"  saved the script, run on desktop  and then ran the standalone

BLINK?  "what the heck…..?"

"Enter search: title, subtitle…"     appears from the old script!

From the message box in ran openstacks and find a window  with a huge long numeric id.  Not in stacks I have open

Is there some way to cause the IDE/Standalone to completely forget past. Toggling between 8.1.10rc1 and 9 in getting tedious.

Hopefull 9.0.1 rc 1 come soon!


panagiotis merakos  wrote:

    I realised my previous reply was sent only to Andre, so I am posting it
    again for anyone else watching the thread and/or suffering from the same
    Hi Andre,
    No I am not aware of any issue. I saw your report about the
    javascripthandlers not working on Android. I did a quick test using the
    stack attached to bug https://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=19666,
    and it works as expected on my Android phone.
    If you could attach a sample stack to your report, we will be able to
    isolate the problem faster.

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