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I don't think any OS allows an app to insert itself into the user's work 
flow like that. Even your own solution requires you to specify it via a hot 

Usually we use the native version of interapp communication, which on Mac 
is applesccript and on Windows VB. Or you could see if there's an 
equivalent shell command, there probably is. You can run shell commands 
from LC.

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> Since I do not create the stack as a "modal stack" (a command I didn't even 
> know existed... again, thanks for THAT), then does that make my card (only 
> one in the app) a "system" window?  After read the doc's on "modal stack", 
> I doubt that I want my stack to become "modal"... even temporarily.
> What I seek is that window that "remains on top" *is* the LC card's window 
> (I only have one card in this app)... but this statement is qualified as 
> explained below.
> When I "leave" the LC window to perform an action on another window (e.g. 
> Notepad), the Notepad window become the active window.  What I want (and 
> achieve using AutoHotKey) is, after placing a section of text from another 
> window (Notepad, Outlook, Excel, etc.)into the clipboard (via ^C, double 
> click, etc.), my LC card's window becomes the top-most, active window 
> AUTOMATICALLY.  Of course I could MANUALLY "dig it out" from behind any 
> overlaying windows but I'm much too lazy to do THAT.
> LC happily (and impressively) "sees" the "new" clipboard data in a "timing 
> loop", and inserts it into my LC processing. What I am seeking, in an LC 
> native procedure, is for the LC card's window to become the top-most 
> window.  I DO NOT want to make my LC window the top-most ALL THE TIME, as 
> the " set the systemwindow of stack "stackname" to true" does... just 
> re-emerge as the top-most window when I want it to.
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>> Is the window that remains on top a modal or system window?
>> Bob S
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