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Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Sun May 13 10:26:59 EDT 2018

Since I do not create the stack as a "modal stack" (a command I didn't even know existed... again, thanks for THAT), then does that make my card (only one in the app) a "system" window?  After read the doc's on "modal stack", I doubt that I want my stack to become "modal"... even temporarily.

What I seek is that window that "remains on top" *is* the LC card's window (I only have one card in this app)... but this statement is qualified as explained below.

When I "leave" the LC window to perform an action on another window (e.g. Notepad), the Notepad window become the active window.  What I want (and achieve using AutoHotKey) is, after placing a section of text from another window (Notepad, Outlook, Excel, etc.)into the clipboard (via ^C, double click, etc.), my LC card's window becomes the top-most, active window AUTOMATICALLY.  Of course I could MANUALLY "dig it out" from behind any overlaying windows but I'm much too lazy to do THAT.

LC happily (and impressively) "sees" the "new" clipboard data in a "timing loop", and inserts it into my LC processing. What I am seeking, in an LC native procedure, is for the LC card's window to become the top-most window.  I DO NOT want to make my LC window the top-most ALL THE TIME, as the " set the systemwindow of stack "stackname" to true" does... just re-emerge as the top-most window when I want it to.

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> Is the window that remains on top a modal or system window?
> Bob S

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